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Custom Mouse Signature Watch Band with colorful ink

Custom Mouse Signature Watch Band with colorful ink

PLEASE READ HERE BEFORE PURCHASING TO ENSURE CORRECT BAND IS CHOSEN. This listing is for a silicone Apple Watch/Galaxy watch or Fitbit Versa 2 engraved band. You are able to pick the 15 characters you would like and if unavailable I will message you and discuss other options. Most all signatures you could get in the park will be available for the band .


This band is colored in with a 100 percent permanent silicone ink. We place the color, cook the band and it becomes flexible,bendable and won't wear away like the oil based paint does.


Please do note this is just for a band and no watch is included. This will be a physical item mailed to you to place on which ever watch you buy for.


**Bands that are not colored in do look much better on lighter colors. I am always up to answer any questions you may have.**


I carry my Apple Smart watch band sizes in

38mm/40mm/41mm S/M 5.1 inches-7.1 inches

38mm/40mm /41mmM/L 5.9 inches - 7.9 inches

42mm/44 mm/45mm S/M 5.5 inches-7.3 inches

42mm/44mm/45mm M/L 6.3 inches - 8.3 inches

Compatible with all Apple Watch Series


Apple Smart watch Colors

1. White

2. Pastel Pink

3. Ballerina Pink

4. Bright Pink

5. Pastel Pale Purple

6. Lavender Purple

7. Grape Purple

8. Apple Red

9. Maroon


11. Seafoam/Mint

12. Aqua Marine

13. Pastel Blue

14. Black

15. Light Blue

16. Sky Blue

17. Royal Blue

18. Denim Blue

19. Navy Blue

20. Pastel Yellow

21. Sunshine Yellow

22.Canary Yellow

23. Coral

24. Orange

25. Lime Green

26. Tan

27. Christmas green



Galaxy Smart Watch - Please know if your band is a 20MM or a 22MM


Galaxy Watch Active 2 (40mm)

Galaxy Watch Active 2 (44mm)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (40mm)

Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm)

Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm)

Samsung Gear Sport

SMALL- 5.5-7.1 inches

LARGE 6.5-8.3 inches


20mm/22mm and Fitbit Versa 1/2 ( Same colors all 3 type watches )

1. Maroon

2. Gray


4. Light Sand Pink

5. Lavender

6. Orange

7. White

8. Teal

9. Yellow

10. Red

11. Lime Green

12. Royal Blue

13. Navy Blue

14. Olive Green 

15. Black


FitBit Versa 2

FitBit Versa

Versa Lite

Versa SE


SMALL 5.5-7.1 inches

LARGE 7.1-8.9 inches


Google Pixel 

Small 4.5-6.5 inches

Large 6 -8 Inches 


Pixel Colors:

1. Orange

2. Black

3. Gray

4. Navy Blue

5. White

6. Red

7. Sky Blue

8. Purple


Fitbit 3/4 and Sense

One size 

4.5- 7.0 Inches 


Fitbit Sense 3/4 Colors

1. Red

2. Plum Deep Purple

3. Light Blue

4. Teal Blue

5. Black

6. Pink

7. Orange

8. Navy Blue

9. Lavender

10. Maroon/ Wine Red

11. Gray


If you have a question at all about this band /color/personalization please message us and ask before placing an order. I am here to help let us know.


    As long as the band doesn't have a name or personal quote added we are always willing to switch out a band if you get it and it maybe a color you didn't realize was the color that came due to color change on a computer screen or the wrong band was ordered.  If you are adding something please message and make sure we have the order completely right with color and watch size to insure we don't need to replace this band.  


    We offer a wide range of shipping options.  We ask that you please understand that once the order is completed and turned over to the postal services it is then out of our control.  If you need something shipped by a curtain day please chose faster shipping options to insure your arrival date.  Our shop has a turn around time but the shipping is not included in that time.  Please make sure you have time for this to arrive if you have a date that it needs to be there.  


    Please hit the chat with us to send a message about coloring, while we aren't always at the computer we will get with you asap.  Thanks so much for helping us make this the perfect band for your liking.  

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