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Custom Recipe Cutting Board

Custom Recipe Cutting Board

I had the pleasure of taking a recipe from a grandmother and turning it into a charcuterie board.  Please note the cutting board in the pictures may vary. What will be the same is sizing and wood type .  This is an acacia wood board and I've got them in two differnet sizes.  With the finish product being engraved these are not to be used as a cutting board but decoration and party boards only.  Since the boards can all be different but the sizes the same I can add customized names or anything you'd like added on.  Please email a scanned copy of the recipe to and I will get working on converting this to a engraving file.  Any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask.

  • Sizes

    Small- 9x 12 inch

    Large-11 x 14.7 inch

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